First Glance: We Would Be One

On the plane ride home today from Boston I skimmed through the new book by Wayne Arnason and Rebecca Scott called "We Would Be One" A History of Unitarian Universalist Youth Movements.  A follow up to Arnason’s "Follow The Gleam" written a couple decades ago, it is a comprehensive and detailed examination of the various youth incarnations, specific leaders, highlights and personal accounts from former members.  I have a spot at the end of the second to last chapter, "Starting Over", with my ‘testimonial’.  My initial thoughts are:

Thoughts on We Would Be One, by me

1.  Youth has historically been a wide and dynamic age range of 14-35, with many of the core youth leaders being older, 18+ folks.
2.  The LRY Endowment, which produces around $10,000 a year I think, and is now managed by the YRUU Steering Committee, may more appropriately be shared with C*UUYAN and perhaps focused for Bridgers 18-20 years old given the original nature and constituency that developed the endowement (young adults!).  Note: This is only an observation, not a proposal or demand.
3.  There is some great history about college/campus ministry and young adult ministry that I’d like to pull out and teach consistently in YACM work.
4.  I love reading statements by youth/young adults about the youth/young adult community.  We need to do this more, and it makes me think about the ConCentric Reader that started with the first ConCentric in 1999 but has not re-appeared since it was last published in 2001.  I really want to encourage folks, leaders particularly, to write, criticize, analyze, describe, etc, their community!


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