My Ministry, Part 1 of 10

Gail Goodwin writes in Evensong
that there is an old storytelling meaning of the word “began”, that is not a
beginning but rather the fulfillment of things set in motion a long time
ago. This echoes my sense of formation
as I prepare for the Unitarian Universalist ministry. 

Growing up in a vibrant lay-led Unitarian
fellowship in




, I was sheltered from exposure to the
professional ministry. For a long time I
actually believed that our faith was cleric-less, and it was much to my own
naivite that I was surprised to meet a Unitarian Universalist minister for the
first time in early high school. He was
a man who had taken over the church led by Rev. Robert Fulgham outside




. Well I was well aware of Fulgham, having read
Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten and instead of
painting a clear picture for me about what Unitarian Universalist ministry was
all about it confused me further. I had
learned of Fulgham, and for that matter other famous Unitarian Universalist
ministers but never knew they were ministers and recognized them more for their
contributions to society-at-large rather than for their pastoral and
congregational ministry. From the moment
I realized as a teenager that there was indeed a Unitarian Universalist
ministry, I began to envision myself as one.


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