Disciples Elect 1st Woman President

We had lunch today with Rev. Jessica Vasquez of the Disciple of Christ (Christian Church USA) who filled us in on the highlights of their biennial conference held in beautiful Portland OR (80 degrees, sunny, no humidity).  They elected a new president, Sharon E. Watkins, who had been serving a parish in Oklahoma.  She has strong recent experience with their anti-racism work as well, notably serving on a commission as an independent outside member to investigate spending concerns and found that the anti-racism program was underfunded based on its mission and charge. 

Apparently, Rev. Watkins was the second choice candidate after the search committee, which selects one candidate for their "General Minister and President", failed to choose between two previous candidates, a white man and a black woman.  Their President is "called" in the ministerial sense, expecting at least 2/3 vote (no vote was listed in their press release).  Us UU’s elect straight out, and love a competition at least on the surface.  What would it mean to our UUA if we called a minister as our president?


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