Minutemen Leader Quits Over Racism

What?  Could this be true?  The Houston Chronicle reported earlier this week that the head of the Texas Minutemen Civil Defense Corp Bill Parmley quit the organization due to racism.  While this is a little hard for me to believe given the racism that has fueld the Minutemen movement from the beginning – namely the armed vigilante efforts against predominately people of color immigrants – perhaps the racism hit too high of a peak for Bill.  Obviously, there is no effort at similar action on the docks and ports of entry in the Northeastern seaboard where the majority of illegal immigrants are of European descent (namely Irish). 

Bill cited Minutement members racist actions and comments as:

Sending hate mail to the hispanic Sheriff in his county
Shooting illegal immigrants
Encouraging their death by dehydration in the desert

Bill says:

"That’s their mind-set, and I don’t want my name and my reputation associated with a group of people who are racist like that,"

I talked to a div student at Starr King recently who went to Arizona to protest the Minutemen actions, participating in a "volleyball across the border" event. 


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