Any Affordable Camps Left?

We are looking hard for quality camps where we can host our larger 150 person conferences like Opus and ConCentric.  We ideally want camps that are available in late July/early August (often a problem as summer camps are booked), cost under $15/person/night, have accessible facilities, and allow us to cook our own food.  We also need the camp to be within 1 hour of a major airport, maybe 2 at the most.  If you know of anything, pass the word friend!  Thanks to HUUDPIPER who reminded me of this need.

PS – the camp needs to have beds, have a level of comfort at least in part of the housing allotment, and adequate meeting space that is indoors or covered. The kitchen needs to be adequate for cooking for large numbers.


One response to “Any Affordable Camps Left?

  1. Ask the Ann Arbor UU’s. They have a huge camping area located behind their sanctuary. It even has a secluded an outdoor worship area.

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