My CYF Membership Approved!

Officially Aimee and I are now member of the Church of the Younger Fellowship, a part of the UU Church of the Larger Fellowship.  There is a large members-only area with message boards, chat rooms, gallerys, sermons, etc that is interesting.  Currently there are 120 odd members which is incredible given it started in June at General Assembly 2005.  It is literally the average size of a UU bricks and mortar congregation.  Elections are coming up for their Steering Committee, although it is unclear how, when and where the Steering Committee meets.  Several folks from the organizing committee are carrying over (although this is also unknown), for a year term.  The rest are being elected by the membership.

Membership in CYF is a bit different from CLF, although they are counted I believe as one and the same in the CLF membership report.  CYF members do not receive the CLF Quest Monthly newsletter or the UU World in print form, but electronically.  CLF members do not receive access to the CYF website and members-only areas.


One response to “My CYF Membership Approved!

  1. I have been a CLF member for several years now. I was joking with someone at the CYF GA booth that I should join CYF but would be 36 next week. He said they could do a bridging ceremony for me.

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