C*UUYAN 10 Year Trends

My observations of the major issues in the C*UUYAN community over the last 10 years:

2005 – Regional ConCentrics, Online Community Building (CYF, FUUSE), Democratic Elections (voting results, ending secret meetings)

2004 – Conference Policies, Anti-Racism Transformation Team

2003 – Online Database ConnectUU.com, Young Adult E-News, Shrinking of the Steering Committee from 9 several years earlier to 5 members,

2002 – Anti-racism strategies, UU Campus Ministry program at the UUA re-organized, staffed

2001 – Women in C*UUYAN Leadership, Retirement of Rev. Donna DiSciullo, GA Young Adult Caucus incorporated officially with C*UUYAN including Steering Committee position

2000 – Social Justice/UUIGNITE in C*UUYAN, SC Position established, YACM Program Associate established, C*UUYAN Conferences Planning Committee established (including rotation of Opus/ConCentric around the continent)

1999 – C*UUYAN as Sponsored Organization of the UUA, First ConCentric

1998 – Moving C*UUYAN Business to "adjacent conference" to Opus

1997 – C*UUYAN Steering Committee all-male, Young Adult Ministry Consultation with UUA before GA


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