Manchester Elected C*UUYAN Facilitator With 83%

C*UUYAN Elections at ConCentric wrapped up yesterday evening, highlighted by intense discussions of race, age and gender in the process.  Mary Manchester of the Central Midwest District, was elected C*UUYAN Facilitator replacing Darrick Jackson of Mass Bay District, for a 2 year term, with 83% of the vote.

This year marked the first time elections were held without the secret community meeting where candidates were asked to leave and voters discussed and commented on the candidates in confidence.  Another change was the public transparency to the vote results, which are done by instant run off voting.

Other C*UUYAN Election results include Tomoko Takano (62%) of Heartland District elected to a 2 year SC term replacing Frank Wells of Florida District, and David Leppik (52%) of Praire Star District filling the last half of a 2 year SC term for Anne Armitage of Mountain Desert District who resigned for personal reasons.  Erin Riffle (100%) of Ohio Meadville District was elected as one of 2 ConCentric Co-Chairs for 2006, the other Co-Chair will be appointed by the C*UUYAN Conferences Planning Committee as soon as the final at-large member is appointed by the C*UUYAN Steering Committee.


One response to “Manchester Elected C*UUYAN Facilitator With 83%

  1. actually, this info is not all correct. i believe erin riffle did not get 100% of the vote (though the vast majority) – there were a few votes of “no confidence.”

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