Dining in Cleveland with the UCC

I left Boone, Iowa where ConCentric ended Monday and am now in Cleveland, Ohio.  I had a great late night dinner with Rev. Ken Brown of the UCC Church, Associate Director for Youth & Young Adult Empowerment and Racial Justice.  We met a few years back through the National Council of Churches USA Young Adult Ministry Team.  We had an excellent and thoughtful conversation, about national/continental organizing, strategies, building networks, strengthening people of color communities, and building institutional anti-racism consciousness for our faith communities.  I’m still buzzing as I sit here nibbling on some apple cobbler.  Tommorow before heading to Pittsburgh, I’m heading to their National Office to have lunch and tour and meet other folks.  This will be the 3rd national office of a major denomination I’ve been able to visit, the other two being Nashville and the United Methodists and Indianapolis and the Disciples of Christ.

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