YPD Jaeger Shares Ways Adults & Youth May Work Together

UUA Youth Director Jesse Jaeger offers us adults a helping hand in working with UU Youth in his UUFAITHWORKS Article "Co Facilitation With Youth: Ways to Involve Youth in Program Leadership".  This is important for the UU People of Color Community as we continue to work through issues coming out of General Assembly and in general with DRUUMM Youth & Young Adults of Color Steering Committee.  I find it relevant for Campus Ministry as well given the immediate bridging of many UU Youth into Campus Ministry programs.  Jaeger recommends we start as young as Junior High age:

Lead an Activity: This is probably the best place to start with
youth who you would like to encourage to take a larger role in leading
the curriculum. Leading an activity can be as simple as asking one of
the youth to do the opening or closing reading. It can also be more
complex, such as leading an energy break or taking on one of the
segments of the day’s programs to prepare and lead. With any of these,
support is essential. Like any volunteer, adult or youth, it is
important that we do not set youth up to fail. If it is their first
time selecting a reading, it would be helpful to show them the back of
the UUA Hymnal, a book collection of readings, or to brainstorm with
them places that they might find a reading that fits the themes of that
day. If it is an energy break or leading a section of the program, help
them plan it out. You might even encourage them to practice presenting
it with you beforehand.


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