How Competitive Are UU’s?

Sports.  I’m a fan, do my best to play, but ultimately find deep appreciation in the competition.  Sometimes I find another UU, particularly thanks to Rev. Charlie Kasts Baseball UU Spiritual Interactive that recently took a hiatus as Charlie retired, who is intensely in love with sports and competition as I.  Too bad there aren’t more of us (or are there?  are we hidden on the margins? hehe).

Internal competition within the UU community seems more easy to identify, but still obscured with language and expectations of non-competition.  At least that is my initial observation.  We have elections, the ministers compete for a growing scarcity of pulpits, there is only so much cash to go around for special projects.  We have "real world" pressures.  How does this affect us spiritually?  What should our response be?  I’m thinking about this, will write more later.


5 responses to “How Competitive Are UU’s?

  1. I once heard Charlie preach a sermon on the spiritual nature of college basketball. You better believe that one went over big in Chapel Hill, NC.

    I’m a big pro football fan myself, and enjoy college basketball and pro baseball (go Sox!). And rodeo is like a form of religion in my Texas-based family, I know the names of more cowboys (and bulls!) than U.S. politicians. But the only sport I can get myself to actually play is ping-pong.

  2. hello? you didn’t think i got to be this nuts about ultimate without being at least a little competitive, did you? it’s almost like a spiritual experience for me. =)

  3. I’m a swim coach! Swmming can actually be a highly medatative sport, even at high speed.

  4. Karen Allendoerfer

    I think UU’s should admit it when they are being competitive, and not hide behind non-competitive language.

    But after attending highly competitive schools, undergraduate and graduate, I found UU as an adult, and one thing that attracted me to it was that it was a community and place where I could forego being competitive. It was a safe space. I think people need that. There are so many opportunities for competition in day-to-day life that I don’t think we need to create more in our spiritual life.

  5. I’m competitive and love sports. I am a Pittsburgh Steelers fanatic. I love my Steelers, Monday Night Football, and family reunion softball games. Sports are pretty important to me. I have three kids, so sports and other extracurricular activities (arts) will probably be a major part of my life for years to come.

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