Special Review Commission

A Message Gini Courter and Bill Sinkford:

In order to continue the process of gathering information on this series of events, we have appointed a Special Review Commission. The following Unitarian Universalists have generously agreed to serve on the Commission:

Hafidha Acuay  (Portland, OR) Rev. Jose Ballester  (Houston, TX))
Rachel Davis  (Teaneck, NJ)
Janice Marie Johnson  (Brooklyn, NY)
Rev. Margaret Keip  (Grants Pass, OR)
The charge to the Special Review Commission is to review the trajectory of events which impacted the Unitarian Universalist community of color, especially the youth of color community, leading up to and during the Ft.Worth General Assembly. The goal is to identify learnings about the structures of racism and agism both within and outside our faith community which we must address in our journey toward wholeness. We expect no recommendations about the behavior of specific individuals; institutional learning is our goal. We request that the SRC offer a preliminary report to the UUA Board of Trustees at their October meeting and a final report at the January Board meeting.

If you feel you have information relevant to the Special Review Commission’s investigations, please send an email to src@uua.org.

In faith,

Gini Courter

, Moderator of the UUA
Bill Sinkford, President of the UUA


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