Giving Responsibly to the Hurricane Relief

If you are looking for a way to make sure your relief donations are misspent or misused by the Bush Administration, FEMA, or the Red Cross this might help. Below is a list compiled by organizers in New Orleans of organizations or networks of organizations involved in Hurrican relief work that focus on and are run by poor people and people of color.

Here are some great resources for giving money or volunteering in the relief and recovery efforts:

The Sparkplug Foundation has a great list of funding and volunteering options with organizations that doing grassroots relief work that focuses on people of color and poor people, especially groups that are run by, or accountable to people of color and economically devastated

Tides Foundation has a Rapid Response Disaster Relief Fund
that specializes in relief projects that serve those most in need and most forgotten or disenfranchised from traditional relief

The League of Pissed Off Voters has a New Orleans Fund, of which 100% of the money donated goes to their work of building a team of media, organizing and advocacy-savvy Nawleans refugees who are ready to write op-eds, fight, advocate, support their displaced neighbors during this crisis, and work for New Orleans to be restored in a way that includes the input of ordinary people!

New Orleans Network : In about 24-36 hours, the website Jamie and Shana Sassoon and a whole team of volunteer techies are working on will be functional as a way for people to connect with and support the New Orleans refugees in their area, It will also be a way for New Orleans refugees to find each other in their exile communities and organize to take back their city and make sure that it is rebuilt in ways that serve ALL New Orleans residents. There will be exile community bulletin boards, discussion boards, resource listings, advocacy how-to sheets, events calendars, etc.


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