Drive Time: UU LayLeader Resource

I just finished listening to the Audio CD Drive Time, a resource for UU Layleaders.  You can get them as MP3 online at the website.  I thought several of the clips were excellent, nice to hear some of the side conversations that we have as UUA staff polished and put to audio format, and I found listening to it in the car as easy as they say.  Too bad we couldn’t hear their original voices, or hear the credit to who wrote each piece (it was listed on the Jewell Case).  I think I’ll use some of these for my weekly radio show on  There was one piece on Young Adults by Michael Tino, and I particularly got a kick, as a UU organizer and minister-in-training, out of Rev. Peter Morales "Repel Fewer Newcomers" essay.  He made it clear, UUA congregations and the UUA are not counting and carefully nurturing newcomers in our midst, and that this is truly our lifeblood.  He claims that 80% of members in UUA congregations are newcomers, and that churches receive roughly 1 1/2 times the member of the churches as newcomers each year – about 3 newcomers each week for a 100 person church.  Where’s the growth?


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