Back Online!

Finally, after two weeks, we are online from our new abode in Somerville, MA.  Here is to wireless technology!  Will be blogging again daily on four fronts: UU Campus Ministry, People of Color, Regional Organizing, and here, at RadicalHapa.

4 responses to “Back Online!

  1. Yo! Welcome to Beantown! It’s the “Hub of the Universe”, according to Famous UU Oliver Wendell Holmes.

  2. I was starting to go through RadicalHapa withdrawls! W00t for Internet connections and laptops. I like the new blogs, I’ll go add them to my list of links.

  3. Thanks you guys\! I’m excited to watch the Sox play the Cards in World Series again, I’m a huge Cardinals fan!

  4. Better call your friends in St. Louis and ask them to reserve you some World Series tix there, then. You won’t be able to get any at Fenway unless you buy scalped, potentially counterfeit ones on the street for $1,500 per seat or so.

    (Or take the same money and buy a new big-screen TV.)

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