Writing to Understand

I’ve received a number of beautifully written essays, reflections, commentaries on the recent Hurricane Katrina crisis.  I’ve kept a half dozen pieces by groups and people I work with, a housemate of mine here at Harvard, People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond, School of the America’s Watch, SoJourners, IntheFray.com and from within the Unitarian Universalist Association.  I believe there is a process that folks go through to understand better the world around them, and am moved by the relevance and meaningfulness of people’s words on subjects of current events.  This is something I think we should teach people more intentionally throughout our society – I think about my experience as a high school teacher last year, and I appreciated the opportunity to create assignments for students that would challenge their writing skills but also pique their interest in truly developing writing as a personal practice for understanding.  I wrote on several occasions over the last few years and shared publicly, on 9/11, visit to Hiroshima, leaving Portland, and I love looking back on these but also reading the comments friends have shared.  Having access to the internet to do this sharing clearly has influence on our sense of connections with one another.


One response to “Writing to Understand

  1. brittany brackens

    where are the reports about hurricane katrina.i need more information!

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