Wayside Pulpit – Got Quotes?

The Wayside Community Pulpit on the Web

The Unitarian
Universalist Association has provided congregations and communities
spiritual refreshment in the form of the Wayside Community Pulpit for
several decades. We are now working on a new series of quotations for
the Wayside Community Pulpit that we hope to make available on the
UUA’s website. We’d like your suggestions. If you know of memorable,
thought-provoking words that you would like to share, please send them

Mary Benard
Unitarian Universalist Association
Publications Department
25 Beacon Street
Boston, MA 02108-2800

provide source information if possible, including the title of the
work, author, translator, publisher, and page. The contributor is
responsible for the accuracy of each quotation. Any source, ancient or
modern, may be used. Quotations should be liberal but not sectarian.

a quote has been used on the Wayside Community Pulpit within the last
five years, it will not be used again. Contributions cannot be
acknowledged or returned-so let us thank you in advance!


3 responses to “Wayside Pulpit – Got Quotes?

  1. Do you know–is there a collection of ALL the original Wayside Pulpit quotes (the ones that were printed on the original sheets for the signboards)?

  2. I’m not sure, I think that it is only in print form, but they are putting it in webform.

  3. What is thw Wayside Pulpit?

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