Private Donations for Iraq

I shopped Rev. Gary Smith’s Preaching in the Unitarian Universalist and Free Church tradition course today at Harvard.  In checking in and talking about one another and preaching, he mentioned that he had a first experience from the pulpit last week in Concord MA where he has been minister for several decades.  He made a modest suggestion (his words) to the federal government, that if President George W Bush thinks that the government cannot care for the relief and rebuilding efforts of Hurricane Katrina alone and calls for private individual and corporate donors to support the process, perhaps what would be better is for the government to recall the National Guard from Iraq to come and perform the relief and public order jobs they were trained for and ask for private donors to support the War on Iraq and Afganistan.  In this moment of preaching, he was interrupted by applause, very embarrassing from his perspective, and a first.  Still, a bad idea eh?


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