Where are the Anti War Youth?

My housemates came back from the Boston Anti War rally yesterday and we debriefed a bit today about their experience.  They seemed a bit taken aback at how few youth and college students were present.  Perhaps a lot of them were in DC, but it seems something worth paying attention to given the natural tendancy for the younger generation to be the engine of public concern and outrage over war, injustice and for peace and equality.  I know that my own consciousness changed dramatically while a high schooler working against the first Gulf War in 1990-91 with Students and Youth for Peace in Portland, Oregon.


One response to “Where are the Anti War Youth?

  1. The primary organizations sponsoring this peace march were adult organizations. Gold Star Mothers, Military Families, etc. etc.

    It was the Old Left and the pacifists who first came out against Vietnam. Students came in 1966 when Students for a Democratic Society organized its own demonstration, up to that time it had been recruiting students to go into inner city communities to organzie the poor for the war on poverty. MLKIng had a lot to do with SDS and SNCCs move toward anti war work.

    High school students came after Viet nam Summer in 1968. We organized high school organizations.

    What does the organized student anti war movement look like now. Someone has to rent the buses.

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