MDIVS Please Apply to Harvard

I was speaking to the Dean of Student Life at Harvard Divinity School today, and she mentioned that they are stepping up recruitment efforts this year.  They have a goal of 50 incoming MDIV’s each year, but only had 35 accepted for this year.  They turn away a large percentage (I think over 90%) of applications, but still it gave me pause and I thought I’d share it here.  Given HDS history as a Unitarian Seminary, I wonder if a concerted effort to bring more UU’s here would be worth while?  Also important to note, there are no UU full faculty, although Dr. Thandeka is here this year.

6 responses to “MDIVS Please Apply to Harvard

  1. Yay Thandeka! She was staying at P&E during the GAPC meeting, and shared a bit of time with us. Amazing woman.

  2. I can imagine why it is hard for them to get MDivs – I thought about Harvard, but didn’t end up applying because for me, Harvard wasn’t the experience I was looking for. I think their focus on the academic is great, and maybe exactly right for some people, but I was looking for a school that was more focused on educating people going into ministry.

  3. Are there other UU students there? How many-ish?

  4. Hey Joseph!
    It was really good seeing you the other day. 🙂
    I’ll tell Margeaux you asked about her.

  5. Here’s the other side of the coin:

    There are two explicitly UU seminaries (Meadville/Lombard and Starr King) that are struggling financially to stay afloat. They need UU students to understand that studying at an actual UU seminary is a completely different experience than even at a seminary with “historic UU ties.”

    At Meadville/Lombard, for example, the entire curriculum is geared towards forming UU ministers. There is no extraneous requirement for stuff that has not been recognized as necessary for the formation of UU ministers. Good? Bad? You decide.

    All but one of the faculty at Meadville/Lombard is UU. I’d take that over a seminary with one non-tenure track one-year lecturer, even if she is the most fablous Rev. Dr. Thandeka.

    in peace,

  6. I heard it was harder to switch from the MTS to MDiv than the other way around. I still have no idea if I want to go into the ministry, and if I do, the MTS isn’t good for much. *sigh* So I’m grateful for the PRSE program! I figure that when my longer-term goals become clearer to me, I’ll figure it out.

    It’s *very* helpful to have role models. I don’t have many, but coming here and reading your blog certainly helps!

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