UU Wal-Mart Film Hosts Wanted

To date 39 UU congregations in 22 states have signed on to host a screening of
the new Robert Greenwald film, "Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price", as part
of this year’s "Unmasking Wal-Mart Action Campaign" from UUs for a Just Economic
Community (UUJEC)!

UUJEC, with the support of the UUA, is an official
sponsor of the week-long movie launch which starts November 13th with screenings
and discussions organized by religious communities. Our intention is to hold
Wal-Mart accountable for unjust practices that impoverish workers and threaten
communities. Let’s surface our collective UU voice for justice with 100 UU movie
Sign on at: http://www.walmartmovie.com/sunday.php?track=uujec.

Show the movie at your congregation, in homes, public
places, whatever makes sense. Make it a party! Let us know when you sign up so
we can make sure you get the DVD at the special sponsorship price of $10.00.
Email campaign chair, Betsy Allis, at erallis@aol.com. Also check out excerpts
from our Campaign Tool Box at our website: http://www.uujec.org.


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