Come to the Feast

The Ecumenical Young Adult Ministries Team met in Portland OR last weekend.  While there was a relatively small number of us, 13 (we usually have 20 or more), it was a productive meeting at the Double Tree Lloyd Center in the central Eastside of Portland where the 2006 Come to the Feast Ecumenical Young Adult Conference will be held next May 2005 (Memorial Day Weekend).

The program will build on the 2004 Come to the Feast held in Tampa Florida that was considered by all to be successful.  The event was split into two events, with Part I beginning on Wednesday evening and ending Friday evening specifically for "practioners of young adult ministry".  The gathering brought together 100 religious professionals and lead volunteers who work with young adult ministry to meet, and prepare programming for Part II around several themes.  Part II is the all-comers young adult ecumenical conference.  In addition to making connections with other young adults (primarily Christian, Unitarian Universalists and several friends of other faiths), participants were blessed with interactive small group and large group discussions on issues of importance through Open Space Technology and thoughtful workshops developed during Part I.

The UUA Office of Young Adult & Campus Ministry will be promoting the event as they have done the last 10 years.  If you would like registration materials (nice brochure), we can send you as many as you can distribute to interested young adults.  We will make it available at our upcoming events as well.  Some scholarship money will be available to UU young adults who wish to attend.  For more information, contact Joseph (me!).  Register online at

2 responses to “Come to the Feast

  1. This seems to be geared towards young adults (which sounds awesome) but I have a good friend that’s a UMC minister – should I let her know about it? Her ministry is to youth and young adults, but she herself is not a young adult. I was a little confused, sorry.

  2. Come to the Feast 2004 was a really great experience, met a lot of cool people. As I remember it non-YAs were welcome, especially in part 1

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