Go Out With A Conference on Race

UCC Minister Hector Lopez is retiring after a career of justice making ministry, and I’d love to go out the way he is – with a National Convocation honoring his ministry.  Rev. Ken Brown, friend from the National Council of Churches Ecumenical Young Adult Ministries Team, updated me that this is an open conference, and I’m encouraging friends in Portland seeking an opportunity to discuss race from a faith based perspective to attend.

Join us for this special event which will
feature inspiration about justice for racial and ethnic communities—the
past, present and future—from every major group within the UCC family
on an intergenerational basis—African American, Latino, Pacific
Islander, Asian American, Native American, European American,
international, and interfaith presence; through multicultural worship,
plenaries, seminars, and reflecting groups to discern God’s Call to the


It is anticipated that inspired
common resolutions emerging from the discussions will contribute to a
Covenant of Unity and Commissioning at the close of this historic


The three and one half days
will also include dynamic cultural and artistic expressions, visits to
exemplary racial and ethnic projects in the Portland metropolitan area,
and a justice program for children and youth for Friday and Saturday.


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