Maglipay Universalist (Filipino)

Maglipay Universalist (be joyful, Universalist!)

To teach the hope that is for all,
Proclaim the Universal call.
To teach the hope that is for all,
Proclaim the Universal call.
Be joyful, Universalists, Come celebrate this company.
Officials, members all unite, Rejoicing in debate that’s
To teach the Universal light, To strengthen our democracy.
Heaven is Universalist, For everyone from rich to poor.
We are not chosen from a list, To enter through the heavenly
Lift up your hearts to God’s great grace, That beckons every
race to soar.
The rigid Bible worshippers, Restrict our God to ancient
The priests, the Pope, the Calvinists, Are preaching far too
narrow ways.
Remember Universalists, The sun of God has many rays.

-Toribio Quimada, 1917-1988


One response to “Maglipay Universalist (Filipino)

  1. Thanks for printing this here Joseph. When I was there (urg, um, as a x-ian fundamentalist missionary for 3 months) in Quezon City and Ilo-Ilo, I was ASTONISHED at the out and out antipathy between different branches of Christianity in the Philippines… It was very different than the church-split grumpiness I experienced in the U.S.

    In the mountains in Ilo Ilo when the car broke down, we had to *beg* the Reformed Missionary Man for a ride back to the city. While I was pondering his meanness, the Baptist Missionary Lady who I was with started trashing the Reformed Missionary Man in even more appalling ways — and she trashed him while he was driving us and we were sitting in the way back of the truck.

    During a service in a squatter’s camp, men came in bearing a coffin. They were bringing this 12 year old boy from chruch to church for services so that he’d for sure go to heaven. It broke my heart.

    If that was what the Filipino people saw from European and European-taught Filipino Missionaries, I must think that Universalism must have been that much more welcome.

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