Did we miss the Fall? Snowing in Boston

The snow is coming DOWN in Boston…and it is a bit eiree.  Most of the trees have not turned fall colors, one here, another there.  In the Boston Common where I was today for the Anti-War rally, it was a weird arboral scene.  I’ve always loved the fall in Boston, with the beautiful changing of the trees, looks like we’re going to be skipping right to the nasty winter.  It is hella cold here, although I guess not "freezing" temperatures.  Bundling up for hot chocolate and maybe a movie.


One response to “Did we miss the Fall? Snowing in Boston

  1. Here in Portland we are having such a beautiful fall. I even went to the Arboretum with Sukhi and MJ for the self-guided Fall Color tour. Really beautiful. It was a dry day and perfect mild hiking weather.

    I was shocked to be in Boston earlier this month and see all the still-green trees.

    Cheers to hot chocolate, cuddling up under blankets and good movies.

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