16 At DRUUMM Mass Bay Mtg

This evening we hosted 16 folks from Boston and surrounding communities.  Rev. Danielle DiBona led worship, Victoria Valencia brought screen printing aparatus and we made 24 t-shirts to sell at the upcoming DRUUMM Conference (Nov 4-6 in Murray Grove).  When I get my digital camera back from Canon, I’ll take a picture and sell extras to y’all online, $15 plus S&H.  They’re for a good cause!  DRUUMM YAYA envisioned this get together, so thanks to them.  Victoria and I were very happy with the turnout, including 3 ministers, and mostly youth and young adults.  Our vision is to meet monthly, be intergenerational, and continue to be conscious of our own racial and cultural diversity.  We had persons of mixed, multiracial, biracial, African, Asian, Pacific Islander, Latino, Chicana, and American Indian descent present who identified as Persons of Color.  It felt very meaningful, great food, and a wonderful sense of solidarity with one another.


One response to “16 At DRUUMM Mass Bay Mtg

  1. sounds like goodness! glad it was a success.

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