Building Anti-Racist Networks

I found these words from the Crossroads Ministry May 2005 Newsletter very moving.  From the reflections of the Executive Co-Directors, Robette Dias and Chuck Ruehle:

Building anti-racist networks is the beginning work of reuniting human communities.  The restoration of relationships first begins with the teams and institutions making the commitment to anti-racist transformation.  It then extends beyond institutional boundaries to build relationships with other institutional boundaries to build relationships with other institutions working toward anti-racist transformation, and together reaching out to the broader community these institutions share in common.  At one time these institutions were only part of a systemic web that exploited People of Coor communities.  Today they are working to transform themselves and break the web of oppression by building new relationships within their communities.  This includes building anti-racist accountability relationships with People of Color.


One response to “Building Anti-Racist Networks

  1. Living as a cockney-speaking Irishman in London, I was raised in Brixton, Peckham and Lewisham. Multiculturalism is in my blood.

    That’s what inspired me to shun the glitz of a New York Film festival to receive an award for Best International Feature Film, and instead to haunt the streets of Harlem with my feisty camerawoman Lilly Starr.

    Your readers may appreciate the film that was created ‘Billy & Lilly go to New York’ – Runner up Best Feature Film – Waterford Film Festival 2009.

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