Identify Yourself Would You?

Dear readers of –
     Thanks for coming here and checking out what’s up with radicalhapa and associated interests.  Taking a page from brother philocrites, I invite you to identify yourself geographically (use a pseudonym for yer name if you like!) with a Frappr map for Radicalhapa.  Love to all who do!  Click on the link, click "add yourself" from the link in the right hand column, then enter a name, zipcode/city location, and of course an awesome Shoutout!

            With peace,


One response to “Identify Yourself Would You?

  1. Frapper

    On a tip from blog buddy Joseph (Radical Hapa), I started a Frapper group, which allows anyone who wants to, to put themselves on the map. So please, visit the group, and put yourself on the map (photo not required!) P.S. Frapper seems like a very nice…

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