Race Riots From Toledo to Paris

Anti-Racism riots continue for a 7th Night in Paris, primarily in the immigrant communities.  Last week I noted the Toledo Race Riots that came about from the marching of White Supremacist Neo Nazi’s in Ohio, through the Black Neigbhorhood (here is an article quoting the Mayor as saying there was "nothing he could do").  Seems that racism is heavily in the news, yet again, rooted in the economic racism, another clear sign of the interconnections.  It is on days like these that I thank the Spirit for our commitment to Anti-Racism, even in our relatively marginal (numerically speaking) liberal religious community.


5 responses to “Race Riots From Toledo to Paris

  1. There have also been riots in the Lozells area of Birmingham between the Asian and Afro-Caribbean communities.

  2. Racism knows no limits. There are racists of every color and hue, but racism by people of color is often excused or simply overlooked. To say that the riots in France are “anti racism” riots (which is debatable) is to excuse the fact that they are riots.

  3. I would say that UUism is “marginal” in more was than just “numerical”. . .

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