Voices from Marginalized Spaces

CALL FOR SUBMISSION: The GirlChild  Press Project

Growing Up Girl: An Anthology of Voices from Marginalized

(funded in part by the Prince George’s County Arts Council)

by: Michelle Sewell

The anthology will feature a  collection of poems,
essays, and short stories from girls and women (30 and  under). The project is
designed to give voice to those underserved and  under-represented.

is especially welcomed  from individuals who are:

     *   of color;
   *   with disabilities;
     *   queer;
     *   incarcerated;
  survivors of domestic violence, sexual abuse/assault;
     *   in foster
care, shelters, group homes, alternative schools; and/or
     *   in
depressed economical areas.

We welcome the exploration  of:

     *   transformation;
     *   struggle;
     *   retreat; and
     *   loss.

The anthology is open to any subject matter. Nothing will be censored!  Any
story/poem/essay that deals with the  transition from girl to woman (on whatever
path to whatever goal) will be given  full consideration. Fiction, nonfiction,
sci-fi, memoir, etc. – is all fair  game. You are the author – tell the story
that you want to tell.

Individuals may  submit up to three pieces (short
stories/essays no more than 3,000 words) to girlchildpress@aol.com

Michelle  Sewell
GirlChild Press  Project
PO  Box
Hyattsville, MD 20781

Submission Deadline: January 18,

Authors should also  include bio and contact
Contributors will  receive a copy of the anthology and will be
invited to
participate in the Spring  2006 public reading.


One response to “Voices from Marginalized Spaces

  1. thanks for posting here, Joseph. I have a piece I may submit to them.

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