Frappr Gone Wild

Since Philocrites pointed me to Frappr, I’ve become a bit obsessed with having the continental geographically dispersed UU teams and communities I work with plotting themselves on the simple mapping tool.  It is something that as a continental/national staffer really helps in terms of seeing potential connections (can we color code the tags yet?) and gaps.  If you haven’t tried setting one up, check it out!  I’m not sure what Frappr means, nor when it will go international.  I like that you can keep your map private and not listed publically for search engine googling.  Who’s Reading


One response to “Frappr Gone Wild

  1. It is international — you just have to move the zoom bar down a little farther. You can also set the preferences for your group to show a much larger geographical region or a much more local one.

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