We Have No Riots, We’re Capitalists

From: Pratap Chatterjee

I was on Fox Business again today interviewed about the riots in France debating the editor of Forbes. If you have TV you can see me on at 1.20pm EST or 5.20am EST . Roughly speaking this is what I remember of the discussion.


FOX: Muslims are
rioting in France because its a communist country. We have no riots because this
is a free capitalist society. Mr Chatterjee, director  of CorpWatch, your

Have you forgotten Cincinnati five years ago? Rodney King in Los Angeles? Watts
riots? Capitalism is about exploiting the poor and keeping money in the pockets
of rich. Basically its about racism.

FOX: Mr Chatterjee, are you saying
that France is not communist?

CHATTERJEE: No its capitalist

FOX: That’s ridiculous – they are communists. We have capitalism so
we are better.

CHATTERJEE: (almost yelling) No the United States was
built on the exploitation of people of color. It was built on Native American
genocide, Chinese labor building the railroads, African American




Editor/Project Director


3 responses to “We Have No Riots, We’re Capitalists

  1. why does anybody consent to be interviewed by Fox?
    it seems to me that it must be masocism, but I once did a talk show with someone who did something similar to me…and from then on I listened to the show before I said yes.

  2. I watched it and don’t recall it that way. It wasn’t all that dramatic as I recall.

    You get paid for this don’t you?

    Anyways, my sympathies are with the rioters here. I have a feeling were going to see the PCF and Le Pen go Gallic Nativist on us with regards to these folks.

    Most of these folks are too young for jobs I think. What they need is some kind of future besides a welfare state ghetto.

  3. from Stephen Schwartz on the Red Belt riots. Red Built being the name of the Communist Run suburban communities where the riots started. Schwartz lived there as a young Communist in the late 70s when the problems, polarization, and return of the Communist far-right alliance remiscent of 1939 was returning over the issue of Black Africans.


    But I came to know uglier secrets by living among young North Africans. The neofascist, anti-immigrant National Front (FN) of Jean-Marie Le Pen had begun taking votes away from the disaffected workers who had long supported the Stalinists. The latter responded by trying to outdo Le Pen and his thuggish followers in immigrant-bashing. In 1980 I and others were genuinely shocked when the Communist mayor of Vitry-sur-Seine, Paul Mercieca, with the backing of top Communist boss George Marchais and the Party’s all-powerful Central Committee, commanded a bulldozer in demolishing a building where 300 immigrant workers from the Black African country of Mali were living.

    The PCF and Le Pen are big part of Frances problem but maybe not in the way your debate on fox came over.

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