Canada Has Racism Too

I was pleased to meet a member of the Northern Alberta Alliance on Race Relations who came to the UUA Youth & Social Justice Training this last weekend in Philadelphia.  While we didn’t get a chance to talk extensively, we shared our analysis of accountability to People of Color experiences in USA and Canada and found deep consensus.  He was an African-Canadian who grew up around Toronto, but now lives in Northern Alberta area.  He expressed his suprise about the existence of an alliance on anti-racism, signing up immediately.  It made me think how truly anything is possible in the struggle for racial justice, and how those who like to play Canada off the USA by claiming significant differences are ultimately playing into the hands of White Supremacy.  We talked about how racism as a word has lost much of its meaning to White people, although People of Color live it and talk about it daily.  Truly it is addressing the supremacy of White Persons and Institutions that is the focus, although there is nervousness around being so direct.  But like Rev. Dr. William Jones, a UU Minister and faculty for Black Studies at Florida State University theorizes: Diagnosis Determines Therapy (DDT).  He wrote "Is God A White Racist?"


3 responses to “Canada Has Racism Too

  1. Duh. . . Why do you suppose they call it the Great White North?

  2. Unfortunately Canada, and indeed the Montreal Unitarian community, has proud White Anglo Saxon Unitarian Jeremy Searle too. . . This online audio file is worth a listen.

  3. Massachusets had UU rapism too.

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