Book of Servetus: Errors of the Trinity


DetriniservetusSome excerpts

“In investigating the holy mysteries of the divineTriad, I have thought that one ought to start from the man; for I see most men approaching their lofty speculation about the Word without having any fundamental understanding of CHRIST, and they attach little or no importance to the man, and give the true CHRIST quite over to oblivion. But I shall endeavor to recall to their memories who the CHRIST is. However, what and how much importance is to be attached to CHRIST, the Church shall decide. Seeing that the pronoun indicates a man, whom they call the human nature, I shall admit these three things: first, this man is JESUS CHRIST; second, he is the Son of God; third, he is God."

Translated by WILBUR, E.M. The two treatises of Servetus on the Trinity. London: Harvard University Press, 1932, p. 6

On the Errors of the Trinity was issued in the summer of 1531, at Hagenau in Alsace. A little book which was destined to start a profound revolution in the religious world. It was written in Latin using expressions easy to comprehend, with thoughts not too well digested or arranged, though its main intention is clear enough, and it shows a remarkablerange of reading for a youth. It was put on sale in the Rhine cities, and its influence soon spread far and wide through Switzerland and Germany and into northern Italy; and wherever
it was read it won marked attention. Servetus seems naïvely still to have expected that the reformers would actually welcome
  his contribution to their cause as soon as they took time
to reflect on what he had to say; but instead they were thrown into the greatest consternation by it.  Servetus International Society


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