Urban Religious Diversity Rises

The Pluralism Project based at Harvard Divinity School sends out an informative monthly email updating community members on their activities and research.  Recently, they published a piece about the changes our urban cities are undergoing vis a vi religious diversity.  It is only on the rise.  The report, coming from the Toronto based Metropolis conference, highlights how cities are struggling to meet the challenge of religious diversity among their citizens.  The Metropolis conference addresses diversity in all its forms, and religion is one that is growing significantly.  While our country is seem as a secular place, even identified as a place of infidels by more religiously-led/governed countries, calling ourselves secular is really missing the point.

Managing Director Grove Harris attended the 10th annual Metropolis conference in
Toronto, Canada. Conference organizers write, "The unwavering pace of
international migration is dramatically changing the world’s cities. Immigrants,
refugees, temporary workers, and migrants primarily settle in urban areas where
populations have become increasingly diverse with respect to culture, race,
language, religion, and ethnicity. These forms of diversity intersect with those
of gender, class, ability, and sexual orientation, thereby producing a diversity
of greater depth that poses yet greater challenges for our societies. While some
cities have embraced this rapidly deepening diversity as a strength, even as a
competitive advantage, others are struggling with the social and governance
challenges that it presents. Although national governments regulate entry to
states, it is usually their cities t hat must respond to the resulting social
changes. " The conference explored policies and programs that address issues of
integration, inclusion, and diversity management as well as issues of exclusion,
discrimination, profiling, and marginalization.
Grove presented research on two court cases brought by Wiccan
priestesses concerning legislative invocations. Please see Simpson
v. Chesterfield County, VA
and Wynne
v. Great Falls, SC

One response to “Urban Religious Diversity Rises

  1. Montreal is also very religiously diverse from Anglican to Zoroastrian as Creation Day made clear. I have attended religious rituals of various kinds at churches of diverse Christian denominations, synagogues of sevberal different Jewish denominations, mosques and Sufi centres, several Hindu temples, two Sikh temples, a few Bhuddist temples, a Cao Dai temple, Bahai centres, First Nations Pow-wows, different neo-pagan gatherings. All this on the island of Montreal. I hope I didn’t leave anyone out. . . Oh ya, almost forgot, the so-called Unitarians of Montreal. . . 😉

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