C*UUYAN Grants 02-04

C*UUYAN has received the following grants:

Year 2002
$9000 + $1000 match

YRUU to Young Adult District Bridging Program:
For a district-level program to develop bridges to young adulthood for UU youth and to help deepen youth’s connections with congregations and their UU faith identity.

Year 2003
$5000 + $2500 match
UU Campus Ministry Video Project: To create a video documenting
UU campus groups as an outreach tool appealing to college students looking for a liberal religious faith community.

(Also of note in 2003)
North Parish of North Andover, U.U. / North Andover, MA
Expanding and Deepening Youth Ministry:
A second grant to support and expand a developing youth program, designed to provide leadership development, covenant groups and outreach for youth and young adults as they grow in UU faith.

Worcester Area Campus Ministry / Andover, MA

Worcester Area Campus Ministry: A challenge grant to establish a campus ministry in Central Massachusetts that will serve the students of 
13 colleges.

Year 2004


Year 2005

TBA (I know of one grant to the United Ministries in Higher Education for UU Campus Ministry, approx $15,000).

Of note grant-wise, a new fund I never noticed is now in place: Fund for UU Social Responsibility.  Perhaps I missed it before, but now there are four.  In 2004 over $850,000 was distributed!  Wow.

Fund For Unitarian Universalism
Makes grants to strengthen UU institutions and community life.   

Fund For Unitarian Universalist
    Social Responsibility

    Makes grants to projects that increase UU involvement in social responsibility.

Fund For International Unitarian

    Makes grants to strengthen Unitarian / Universalist organizations or projects working internationally. 

Fund For A Just Society
    Makes grants to nonprofit organizations addressing issues of social and economic justice. Grants are given to projects that use community organizing to bring about systemic change.


One response to “C*UUYAN Grants 02-04

  1. when are the grants this year going to be announced, anyway?

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