Racial Justice Timeline UUA

I got this from the UU Fellowship of Stony Brook.  I’m not sure if it is 100% accurate.  They’re timeline goes back to 1784

1979 The Reverend Jesse Jackson delivers Ware Lecture at GA. 

1980 UUA Institutional Racism Audit undertaken. 

1980 Mark Morrison-Reed’s Black Pioneers in a White Denomination published by Skinner House. 

1981 Yvonne Seon is first African American woman to be fellowshipped as a UU Minister. 

1981 Vernon Jordan delivers Ware Lecture at GA. 

1982 Network of Black UUs formed. 

1983 Commission on Appraisal  Empowerment: One Denomination’s Quest for Racial Justice, 1967-1982
study published. 

1983 The Rev. Hyun Hwan Kim becomes Minister of the First Unitarian Church in Los Angeles CA.    

1984 Whitney Young, Jr. Urban Ministry
Fund is started. 

1985 Reverend Toribio Quimada is founder of Unitarian Universalist Church of the Philippines. The UUCP is
recognized by UUA as a member at the 1985 General Assembly. 

1985 UUSC publishes "What Color
are America’s Prisons?" showing disproportional incarceration of
   Blacks, Latinos, and Native Americans. 

1985 Black Concerns Working Group is established. 

1985 Shirley Chisolm delivers Ware
Lecture at GA. 

1986 GA Resolution passed supporting
Grape boycott because of pesticide problems for workers. 

1986 Yvonne Seon organizes the First
New-Start Urban Congregation in southeast Washington D.C. and serves as founding minister. 

1987 Commission on Appraisal
"Quality" Study finds that when asked if being black would
help, make no difference, or hinder a minister’s effectiveness – – UUs said: 3%, 71%, and 26%. For women the corresponding percentages were:
9%, 78%, and 13%. From 1967 to 1987, the number of African American ministers increased from 8 to 15; the number of women increased from 8 to 199. 

1987 UUSC Conference on Racism and Incarceration at Howard University. 

1988 Philippines Congregation admitted to UUA. 

1988 The Rev. Quimada is murdered in
the Philippines. 

1988 African American UU Ministries

1988 Charles Johnson, an African American, serves as founding minister of Church of the Restoration in Tulsa OK. 

1988 Beyond Categorical Thinking  Program begins. This is a weekend program designed to promote inclusive thinking and to help prevent unfair discrimination in the ministerial search process. 

1989 Advocate for Racial Inclusiveness
and Director for International Congregations position created at UUA.
  African American minister, Reverend Mel Hoover, hired. 

1989 "How Open the Door?" is
published by the UUA as an adult education curriculum.

 1990 Rebecca Parker becomes the first
female president of Starr King UU Theological School and any theological  school.. 


1991 Dan Aldridge, an African American, serves as founding minister of Thurman Hamer Ellington Congregation in Atlanta GA. 

1991 "Been in the Storm So
Long," A UUA Meditation Manual of works by people of color, edited
    by the Rev. Mark Morrison- Reed and Jacqui James is published. 

1992 UUSC supports 1st UU Church and 12 black, Latino and Korean community organizations in south central Los Angeles in the wake of the Los Angeles rebellion. 

1992 Resolution on racial and cultural
        diversity passed unanimously by General Assembly. 

1992 UUA Office for Racial and Cultural
        Diversity established. 

1992 Several UU Churches and
        individuals played leading roles in the fight against and the eventual
        defeat of Oregon’s anti-gay Measure 9. 

1992 Continental Congress of African
        American UUs and Frances Ellen Watkins Harper Commemoration was held
        September 26 – 28th in Philadelphia. 

1993 James Brown appointed Southwest
        District Executive – first African American to hold such a position. 

1993 UUs for a Just Economic Community
        Conference held in Los Angeles as a show of support after the first
        Rodney King verdict and because LA is America’s most diverse city. 

1993 General Assembly passes Justice
        for Indigenous Peoples Resolution. 

1993 Marion Wright Edelman delivers
        Ware Lecture at GA. 

1993 UUA has Professional Staff of nine
        African American, Hispanic, and Asian persons – an all time high. 

1994 Beacon Press institutes mentoring

1994 Patricia Jimenez is first
        Mexican-American woman to be fellowshipped by the UUA. 

1995 Latino/a Unitarian Universalist
        Networking Association (LUUNA) founded. 

1997 Diverse and Revolutionary
        Unitarian Universalist Multicultural Ministries (DRUUMM) founded. 

1997 The General Assembly passes a
        resolution calling on the UUA to work towards becoming an anti-racist,
        anti-oppressive, multicultural religious community. 

1997 The Faith in Action Department
        created to facilitate the linking of all of anti-oppression efforts as
        movement is made on the Journey Toward Wholeness. 

 2001 Reverend Dr. James A. Forbes
        delivers Ware Lecture.


One response to “Racial Justice Timeline UUA

  1. 2001 – Rev. Bill Sinkford elected President of the UUA by a 2:1 margin, becoming the first African-American to lead a historically white denomination

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