Youth Truth: Boston Organizing

A classmate from Harvard Div works with the American Friends Service Committee.  AFSC is one of my favorite faith based community groups with local offices in dozens of towns across America.  AFSC has a serious youth education and organizing program called Critical Breakdown here in Boston, they host a monthly open mic that gathers over 500 youth!  Last year when I was teaching in Roxbury I regularly encouraged my students to attend, and some did.  I was really suprised to hear stories of them performing, rap, spoken word, poetry, it was awesome.  My students were all POC, many were immigrants, ESL kids.  Anyways, this year Critical Breakdown is hosting 3 day long workshops called YOUTH TRUTH at the Cloud Place, 647 Boylston St.  The next one is Dec 11th, Saturday, open tot he public, come as you are, no cost.  It is a great place for youth to be, and for allies who work with youth to network.  Check it out if you can, and spread the word. 

Youth Truth Workshop Schedule

12:30 Arrive
1:00 Intro of Artists
1:30 Brainstorm Topics
2:00 Art workshops
5:30 showcase your Art
6:00 peace

Spoken word, breakdance, emcee, graffiti, street theater…


One response to “Youth Truth: Boston Organizing

  1. man, so much going on and i am so far away!

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