217 Members of CYF

I am definitely into numbers, and am continually excited by the work of Erik David and Jonathan Craig with FUUSE and Church of the Younger Fellowship online (and many others!).  It is great to see 217 dues paying members of CYF in under 6 months, how is that for growth!  And with a Pledge Goal of $15,000, that means folks would have to give an average of $6/month or $70/year.  $15,000 is a significant amount of cash, and a great sign of organizational health!  This effort gives back to the community on so many different levels.  It is a place for the ititerant UU young adult across the world, supports spiritual development, provides a community and communication to transitioning UU’s, provides a young adult space for those isolated or without young adult ministry, and it is a form of young adult ministry IMHO.  It is attracting Young Adult UU Ministers (ordained), young adults with children, and a diversity of young adults, great foundations.  Check out Church of the Younger Fellowship.


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