Would the World Be Better Off Without Religion?

This conversation has 474 replies and over 3400 views, it is the most popular thread at this democratic perspectives website.  I’m a bit shocked, wouldn’t ever expect to see something like this on the republican side (although perhaps liberatarian?).  It gives some perspective though on the anti-religious vs fanatic-religious polarization in the USA.

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Im thinking that it would be.  If it werent for religion there would be barely any conservative movement.

Your thoughts?


3 responses to “Would the World Be Better Off Without Religion?

  1. I think it’s a question that doesn’t make any sense to ask. I think, to some extent, religion is a natural outgrowth of being human. Every single culture that anyone has ever looked at has some form of religion or spirituality. Athiests (which, actually I might argue is a religion in itself) are really a pretty small minority of people in this country.

    I’m sure that if there wasn’t a religious right, there would be an Ayn Rand-ish right, or a something else right, just as there is both a secular anti-religous left, and a religious left. I don’t really think that religions cause conservatism per se.

    This is not to say, of course, that religion hasn’t been the cause of an incredibly amount of pain and suffering across history, and that a whole heck of a lot of our problems have to do with some current religious trends today.

    My argument is that it’s not religions per se that are the problem, it’s that religions decide that they hold “the truth” and everyone else is wrong, and so they can do whatever they want in the service of their own truth, even though it will hurt others. It’s this exclusivity and intolerance that’s the problem, not religion itself.

  2. This is an example of Democratic debate on becoming a Secularist party hostile to religion. (Check page 45 of Democratic strategists Galston and Kamarck’s The Politics of Polarization.)

    It’s an unthinkable debate among Republicans (and in the past Democrats) because they value both Church and State; not the State alone.

    While Republicans will debate the balance they know people –not religion– have always inflicted suffering throughout History.

    Religion sometimes motivates people to violence but it’s also our institutionalized expression of our sense of the world. Religion more often a check on our urge to violence and injustice. Christianity tells us the urge to violence in fact a part of our being.

    To ask people to live without religion is to ask them to stop understanding creation in a way we can pass to our Children. It’s an act of intolerance to ask people to cease understanding creation and live without religion.

    That the Democrats debate something like the this is sad confirmation for me that the party has lost it’s sense of humanity and social justice.

    Democates have become an anti-War party when we must indeed war against suffering and injustice.

  3. :It’s an act of intolerance to ask people to cease understanding creation and live without religion.

    So presumably you will agree that it was an act of intolerance of the Board of the Unitarian Church of Montreal to ban Creation Day from being celebrated in the Unitarian Church of Montreal and for Rev. Ray Drennan, Frank Greene, John Inder and at least one other leading member of the Unitarian Church of Montreal to maliciously label Creation Day as a “cult”. . .

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