Guerilla Outreach

I like to leave UU Worlds on the Airplane in the magazine rack in hopes that some lucky person will pick it up.  I like to leave the Red "What do UU’s Believe" Wallet Card in Hotel Bibles.  I am still trying to break out of my habit of talking passionately about Unitarian Universalism with other Unitarian Universalists, yet inexplicably feeling like I have to hold my tongue with friends who express an interest in knowing more.  I’ve picked up on the UUA theme of corporate branding and do try to recognize what we do that is explicitly Unitarian Universalist and name it.  I try never to say "U-U" instead pouring forth with the 10 syllable U-ni-tar-ia-an U-ni-ver-sa-list mouthful.  It helps when I talk slower (so don’t excite me!).  What do you do?

One response to “Guerilla Outreach

  1. leavin uu worlds on airplanes…
    now that’s boss.

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