Quiet Days on the Fifth Floor

One of the reasons I started blogging back in March of 2005 was to demystify my life as a worker for the UUA.  Clearly there are many boundary concerns with discussing issues and the process we go through internally, and I’ve tried to err on the side of caution throughout.  In reading other folks blogs, there is a nice mixture of personal insights however that I haven’t been writing much about at all.  I like those stories, although Ms. Radicalhapa makes clear that I gotta be careful, sensibly.  It is amazing what personal information can be gleaned from blogs, or moreover livejournals.

I work on the 5th floor of the 41 Mt Vernon Place UUA Building.  It was purchased a decade ago after the sale of 53 Beacon St (where the old youth office was located for a bit, after moving out of the basement of 6 Mt Vernon Place and the Elliot & Pickett Houses).  Our floor is pretty chill, I have a corner office (yeay, but not quick as swaggy as you’d think), share it with Mr. Erik Kesting, YACM Administrator, and last year got a good ergo chair for my time pecking away at my computer.  I love working with double monitors, have my phones readied up (including bluetooth headset for the cel), and the files at my fingertips.  It is my home base, although I could say that wherever my laptop and cel are I have my "virtual home base".  I travel and on those weeks I blow in and out of the Office.

The 5th Floor has been quiet this week though, one of our YACM Office mates has been out, and it only leaves our regular Fall intern to hold down the office.  Our offices are intermixed with the Youth Office, but more than any year I’ve been here they are a quieter bunch, or not here at all.  They have varied schedules including more working from home than I’ve experienced in the past.  It is great to be on the same "wing" of the 5th floor with them, and we bump into one another usually at the copier more than anywhere.

Thank god for room-to-room heating, as I keep it relatively cool.  It is winter here and so cold your eyeballs slow down.  Sometimes the heat gets turned up a bit more than my taste.  I am from Oregon afterall, can live at 62 degrees forever.

This fall I haven’t overlapped a lot with my officemate Erik, but that will likely change in the Spring when I slow down my travels a bit.  I look forward to some good dance parties when we’re all back and humming on the 5th floor.


5 responses to “Quiet Days on the Fifth Floor

  1. What is this “ms. [name of male-identified blogger]” trend for bloggers’ partners? ms. radicalhapa? mrs. philocrites? (etc. etc.) it’s weird. I generally feel weird about male-identified folks who refer to their female-identified partners as an extension of *their* own names/identities.

  2. It’s called my wife doesn’t wish to be named on my blog. And once she’s ordained, I expect to become the minister’s husband. (Oh no, whatever will become of my identity?) If Anonymous Commenter has a better proposal that manages to be brief while also identifying my spouse as my spouse, great.

    Anyone who knows my wife knows that she isn’t in any way an extension of my identity.

  3. my partner sez it is better than naming her by name. and she shrugged.

  4. That doesn’t bother me, but I still haven’t gotten used to bloggers referring to themselves in the third person.

  5. Hmm, interesting, I hadn’t noticed that much before. I don’t think I do it regularly?

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