Newcomers Corner

Following up on an earlier post where I re-iterated a the question of how we as UU’s welcome newcomers via the WWW, particularly young adults who may be most active in seeking a religious home with access to the internet (think college and free T-1 lines, plus the love of surveys) – I wanted to share this link, the UUA Newcomers Page.  What is needed here?  I liked on El Caliz Azul, a UU Spanish language blog, that there was a "New to UU" button.  I don’t know how to put that on my typepad blog, but I’d love to see them proliferate.  It seems that we could build websites for seekers that address them from a variety of perspectives.  Like our UU theology and practice, one size don’t fit all.  I’d love to see a strong multiracial/anti-racism welcoming site and a more vibrant yet austere webpage for the young adult searching for truth and meaning…which I believe many do on the internet. 

I found myself talking to, and wanting to follow up with the founder of BUURN (Building UU Resource Networks) out of Seattle WA when I was there last week.  BUURN offers many web-based services free, which ultimately helps to spread Unitarian Universalism.  We need an entreprenurial spirit.


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