Medfield Worship With Sinkford

Thanks to Google News and the customize option, I learned that Unitarian Universalist Association President William Sinkford was preaching in Medfield MA, at one of our growing congregations last Sunday.  I was able to attend and hear his sermon, on the theme of the language of reverence that received press attention in the past several years.  The news article, in the local Medfield Press, provided a nice biography, more details than I’ve seen before, about President Sinkford.  I’m looking forward to speaking to him this week about my Senior Thesis at Harvard Divinity School on "A 25 Year History of Unitarian Universalist People of Color."

Link: UUA President Sinkford to Preach at UU Church of Medfield


One response to “Medfield Worship With Sinkford

  1. Maybe you can ask Bill Sinkford *just* what he intends to *do* to respond in genuine justice, equity and compassion (to say nothing of love. . .) to this rather colorfulWhiteperson. . . 😉

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