Topix UU Includes Radical Hapa

UU World Executive Editor Chris Walton informed me this morning that Topix news aggregator, in the Unitarian-Universalist and News sections is now recognizing Radical Hapa as a news source.  To his knowledge, it is the only UU blog currently treated as such.  Here is the UU Topix Page.  I’m wondering if this is going to be a problem as I’m also a UUA staffer.  Wish they’d plug the ROC and UU Campus Ministry Blog into their news source instead.


3 responses to “Topix UU Includes Radical Hapa

  1. I noticed duplicate entries for this blog showing up at UUpdates which is something I have been worried about (since I am aggregating from an aggregator). But I have fixed it to not show double entries. But so far this is the only blog which I have seen coming through Topix.

  2. Thanks UUpdater. Philocrites speculates that more will be added soon, including Philocrites!

  3. hmm. i wonder why they qualify it as news? or what sort of process they go through when adding sites. seems weird, but it should be less so once Philocrites etc are added.

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