Mentoring UU Young Adults

One of the best books to read when working with young adults is Sharon Daloz Parks Big Questions, Worthy Dreams.  It should be a required reading for all Unitarian Universalist religious professionals.  Here is an exerpt:

Big Questions Worthy Dreams, Sharon Daloz Parks

[In my previous work], the primary concern was that young
people would discover a critical perspective that would call into question
their inherited, conventional faith, and then, though able to enlarge their
respect for the faith of others, they would be unable to recompose a worthy
faith of their own. This concern
remains. But another and growing concern
is that too many of our young adults are not being encouraged to ask the big
questions that awaken critical thought in the first place. Swept up in religious assumptions that remain
unexamined (and economic assumptions that function religiously), they easily
become vulnerable to the conventional cynicism of our time or to the economic
and political agendas of a consumption-driven yet ambivalent age. (xii, Big
Questions, Worthy Dreams, 2000)


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