Favorite Blogs and Sites of December 2005

Favorite Justice Analysis by a Unitarian Universalist: A People So Bold! is prolific and offers some cutting commentary on our religion, offering excellent ideas, and has a growing readership.  Written by a more ‘senior’ religious professional, A People So Bold offers some of the only ongoing Anti-Racism commentary in the blogosphere.

Favorite Personal Friend’s Blog: Never Say Never To Your Travelling Self is a friend from the West Coast USA who takes excellent pictures and gives raw observations on this life we are given.

Favorite UU Organizational Blogs: There are really only a handful that I’ve been able to find.  I had high hopes for Step by Step, the Journey Towards Wholeness Transformation Committee’s Blog developed by Rev. Sean Parker Dennison, but it has virtually content.  The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee has a nice blog Hotwire: A Human Rights Blog, but I don’t go there regularly enough to judge.  Thus, I have to say that the Unitarian Universalist Campus Ministry blog and the Young Adult and Campus Ministry Regional Organizing blog that I manage and primarily contribute to remain my favorites and a great tool for transparency and accountability to the wider world about the good work of our UUA Office.

Favorite "Mentor" Blog: Philocrites remains the standard by which I try to set my puny watch.  The writing is excellent, as is the research, and Philocrites has a clear nitch: commentary on religion, liberalism and culture.  Love that the term liberalism is being revitalized here.  I also feel special that I’ve been able to shake his hand personally, and appreciate his efforts at organizing other UU Bloggers.

Favorite Young Adult Website: Unitarian Universalist Church of the Younger Fellowship, developed by the founders of FUUSE.com, this site, while undergoing fairly steady upgrades and additions, has some excellent content and user-features (love the geo map, lighting of the chalice, audio sermons, book exchange, joys and concerns, and concise emails from the administrators).  There are still some gaps in terms of welcoming a total newcomer to Unitarian Universalism, but this is a problem that many UU sites, if not all, continue to struggle with.  Whether they know it or not.

Favorite PC Tool: Google Sidebar has been a nice addition to my dual-monitor set up.  I particularly like the slideshow (mix of whats in your My Pictures), the weather and map customizable features.  Google: Taking Over The World.  Oh, and I use Google Desktop Search almost everyday.  I have so many files that somtimes, I just can’t remember exactly where they are.  The search includes your email, like Outlook, and Gmail (yet another reason to Google, all the time…).


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