World Quiz

Record your answers on a piece of paper.  Can you get all 10 right?

Which is bigger geographically?

1) A-Brazil or B-European Union?
2) A-Libya or B-South Africa?
3) A-France or B-Nigeria?
4) A-Japan or B-Sweden?
5) A-Philippines or B-New Zealand?

Which country has the larger population?

1) A-Pakistan or B-Russia?
2) A-Philippines or B-Germany?
3) A-Vietnam or B-France?
4) A-Canada or B-United Kingdom?
5) A-Madagascar or B-Greece?

**** ANSWERS ****

1) A: Brazil is over twice as large, 8,512,000 sq km to 3,976,000 for the E.U.
2) A: Libya is nearly 50% larger at 1,760,000 to 1,220,000 for South Africa
3) B: Nigeria is nearly double the size of France, 924,000 to 547,000 sq km
4) B: Sweden is 20% larger 450,000 to 378,000 for Japan
5) A: Philippines is 300,000 to 269,000 for New Zealand

Which country has the larger population?

1) A: Pakistan with 162,420,000 to 143,420,000 for Russia
2) A: Philippines
87,857,000 to 82,431,000 for Germany
3) A: Vietnam is 30% larger at 83,536,000 to 60,656,000 for France, one of their former colonizers
4) B: United Kingdom is almost twice the size of Canada 60,441,000 to 32,805,000
5) A: Madagascar is also almost twice the size of Greece, 18,040,000 to 10,668,000

Source: CIA World Factbook


3 responses to “World Quiz

  1. I got the last one wrong – I had no idea how many people lived in Madagascar. Rats!

  2. Not rats, Hafidha. Lemurs!

  3. Oh, Kevin …. *shaking head* =)

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