My Short View Of Last 25 Years

The last 25 years have also seen several cultural
transformations with the rapid technological advancements, declining economic
security, mass media and communications, and the world geopolitical changes of
the 1990’s. Information is becoming a
commodity and multiracial relations continue growing changing the dominant
White/European culture we live in. Communities of “Color” in North American are contributing heavily to
popular culture, even though segregation has been sustained at the same level
as the 1958 when Brown v. Board of Education criminalized intentional
institutional segregationist policies. The emergence of the internet has leveled the playing field of
information as power, giving millions access to a world of topics who
previously may have never sought or found such information. The generation born today in 2005 will have a
significantly different childhood than my generation born in 1973. True gross and growing economic disparities
are profound and oppressing the many for the pleasure of the uppermost classes,
while at the same time adapting Borg style to resist calls for racial justice
and equality.  The idea alone of what
race and racism mean in our society has revolutionized new progressive and
reactionary conservative thought yet the mainstream fail to be inspired,
motivated and committed to engage in the exercise of tackling race prejudice
and White supremacist power.


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