FUUSE Polls Revealed

FUUSE.com, the online UU Youth and Young Adult community, has been hosting periodic polls (by Angel primarily) that give us a glimpse into the young persons psyche.

Top Poll:  What’s your Excuse? 164 votes, top answer: Blinded by the Aurora Borealis, 23%, Candy made me do it, 22%.

Sexiest Poll: Which pickup line is the worst?  58 votes, top answer: You have 206 bones in your body, want another? 31%.

FUUSE Poll: What does F.U.U.S.E. mean?  71 votes, top answer: Faithful UU’s Sharing Expression, 48%.

Smoking Poll: Would you vote to pass a law that bans smoking?  121 votes, top answer: Yes, 61%.

Scary Poll: Best FUUSE Halloween Costume?  109 votes, top answer: Ice Cream Cone, 23%, #2, Mega Ipod 22%

Lopsided Evolutionary Poll: Should the concept of intelligent design/creationism be taught in public schools?  94 votes, top answer: No, 81%.


2 responses to “FUUSE Polls Revealed

  1. I am for the right to choose so why not present intelligent design and the scientific model. We should not be afraid of differing ideas.

  2. The intelligent design movement is not interested in just sharing the idea, they wish it to be classified as scientific and offered as an option to replace authentic science courses. The idea is discussed throughout our public education system.

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